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How Pregnancy Chiropractic Care Benefits Expectant Mothers

When you are pregnant, you may end up having to drop some of your habits. Although getting plenty of exercise is good for you and your baby, you should cut back on activities that place a lot of strain on your body.

Those who have received chiropractic care before understand that it is not tough on the body. Even so, you may be worried that all those adjustments and stretches could put your pregnancy at risk.

We’re glad to say that those worries are unfounded. If anything, receiving pregnancy chiropractic care is highly beneficial for you and your child.

Receiving chiropractic care while you are pregnant can be highly beneficial because it addresses issues affecting your pelvis. During pregnancy, a woman’s pelvis may become misaligned.

Pain is the main symptom caused by a misaligned pelvis, but it can cause additional issues down the line. With your pelvis misaligned, you may have a harder time delivering the baby through natural means. A misaligned pelvis could also subject you to longer labor.

Your baby may also lack the space to develop comfortably because your pelvis is out of position. 

Going to the chiropractor while you’re pregnant is also highly recommended if you’ve been struggling with nausea. A session with the chiropractor can alleviate your symptoms and make the rest of your pregnancy more comfortable.

Experience the benefits of pregnancy chiropractic care courtesy of Dr. Grossi of Union Square Chiropractic in Somerville, MA.

What Is the Experience of Receiving Pregnancy Chiropractic Care?

The experience of receiving chiropractic care while you are pregnant does not differ greatly from what regular sessions provide. Chiropractors go the extra mile to make sure that the experience remains familiar to their patients.

For instance, your chiropractor may use a special table to accommodate your growing belly. You can continue to lie face-down on that table and still receive adequate support. All the other parts of your body can be supported using pillows.

During the treatment session itself, you can expect the chiropractor to focus on your pelvis. They know that the pelvis is the part of your body that is most likely to present issues so they will spend a lot of time working on it. They will also use manual adjustments, trigger point therapy, and other techniques to alleviate your discomfort.

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Why should I have chiropractic care during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, there are several physiological and endocrinological changes that occur in preparation for creating the environment for the developing baby.

The following changes can result in a misaligned spine or joints: • Protruding abdomen and increased back curve • Pelvic changes • Postural adaptations

Establishing pelvic balance and alignment is another reason to obtain chiropractic care during pregnancy. When the pelvis is misaligned it may reduce the amount of room available for the developing baby. This restriction is called intrauterine constraint.

A misaligned pelvis may also make it difficult for the baby to get into the best possible position for delivery.

This can affect the mother’s ability to have a natural, non-invasive birth. Breech and posterior positions can interfere with the natural ease of labor and lead to interventions such as c-sections.


The nervous system is the master communication system to all the body systems including the reproductive system. Keeping the spine aligned helps the entire body work more effectively.

What are the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy? Chiropractic care during pregnancy can provide benefits for women who are pregnant.

Potential benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy include: • Maintaining a healthier pregnancy • Controlling symptoms of nausea • Reducing the time of labor and delivery • Relieving back, neck or joint pain • Preventing a potential cesarean delivery

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